Poetry Reading


Linda Blunt

The poet to be studied at each Poetry meeting is chosen by the group a couple of months in advance. At the same time one member will volunteer to take the lead, presenting information about the life of the chosen poet and then reading out a poem or two.

Sometimes a topic is chosen rather than a poet, such as ‘winter’, ‘transport’ or ‘medicine’. In all, we aim to have as wide a variety of poems as possible in the course of a year.

All members attending the meeting are expected to have done some preparatory work, coming to the meeting prepared to read out some poems and to take part in discussions about them. The meetings are lively and enjoyable and include a tea break.

Please contact the Convener for further information, or if you would like to join the Poetry group.

Date: 3rd Monday of the month
Time: 2.00 pm
Location: In the convener’s home
poetry reading

Accessibility at Bridges Centre

Members’ monthly meetings are held at Bridges Community Centre, Drybridge Park. Some group meetings and activities also take place at Bridges. Off street parking is available here outside the building, and disabled parking is adjacent to the building entrance. There are no external steps or slopes, and the entrance doors are automatic. The ground floor is fully accessible and level throughout, and there is space for wheelchairs. There is a lift to the first floor, and accessible toilets on both floors. There is a hearing induction system in the Agincourt room where the monthly meetings are held.

Accessibility at Ty Price

Some group activities and meetings are held at Ty Price, St Thomas Community Hall, St Thomas’s Square. There is no off street parking here. The approach on foot is a gentle slope to double entrance doors. The ground floor of the building is fully accessible and there is a disabled toilet. The stairs to the first floor are wide and well-lit with a handrail on both sides, but there is no lift. There is a hearing induction system on the ground floor.

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