Fifty shades of green: can bees detect the difference?
Daniel Robert, Professor of Bionanoscience, The Bristol Centre for Nanoscience and Quantum Information, University of Bristol
Bumblebee on flower

We have recently discovered that bumble bees can detect floral electric fields, and that they learn their presence and structure to inform foraging decisions. By training bumble bees to distinguish between experimental feeding stations (simulating flowers) that are at different electrostatic potentials we learnt that flowers are surrounded by weak electrostatic fields arising from interaction with the natural atmospheric potential gradient, and that bees can detect the presence of these fields.

The electrostatic potential of flowers changes as a bee approaches and visits the flower, thus bees can learn differences in the magnitude and structure of floral electrostatic fields. Remarkably, further experiments demonstrated that bees learn more readily the difference between two shades of green when electrostatic fields are present. This discovery leads to the conclusion that weak electrostatic potentials constitute a previously unsuspected form of information that plays a role in the complex interaction between plants and their pollinators.



Tue 09 Jul 2024


2:30pm - 4:00pm
Bridges Centre, Drybridge Park, Monmouth NP25 5AS
Cherry Lewis

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